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XX Home Design Company Limited

XXX Home Furnishing Decoration Group founded in 199X years group is committed to providing the real "XXX Home Furnishing solutions, business scope covers professional Home Furnishing decoration design and construction, complete Home Furnishing products (the whole bathroom, the whole kitchen, the whole wood, soft decoration) design and production, Seiko installed project cooperation, national franchise international business services and project related category. XXX adheres to the tenet of "today's famous brand, the creation of a century enterprise", and adheres to the "brand, specialization, scale and industrialization" development road. So far, the group has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in 18 cities nationwide, and has authorized the establishment of franchising institutions in 58 cities.
200X, XXX Home Furnishing Museum in the China grand debut, creating a real experience Home Furnishing shopping environment for customers, based on the classic European and international fashion trends Home Furnishing Home Furnishing depth interpretation on XXX more than 40 of Europe's top Home Furnishing brand and products into China, creating a very European fashion feature idealXXX ideaXXX the whole kitchen, the whole bathroom, the whole ideaXXX wood and whole ideaXXX soft decoration of the overall Home Furnishing service, to create a complete Home Furnishing temperament and quality of European fashion is very Chinese elite
200X, XXX spent 300 million into production base of world-class overall Home Furnishing wood core advantage by virtue of its internationalization, starting point, world-class production line, with the European technology, environmentally friendly materials, strong R & D capabilities, excellent production equipment, advanced software and management system as the basis, to provide real quality for the whole Home Furnishing customer solutions. Products include doors, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wall panels, cloakroom, and bedroom furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, restaurant furniture, products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, the annual output value of up to $200 million.
In ten years, XXX Home Furnishing Decoration Group to become the leader in the domestic Home Furnishing brand in the field of absolute advantage, is the Chinese and foreign elite choice, and the identity of the most powerful Chinese Home Furnishing Decoration Group, has become the international industry of the crown Home Furnishing bright pearl of the orient.
History of hair development
The birth of XXX in 1997.
• in 2000, XXX opened out of Beijing home improvement industry in the first direct chain stores in Shijiazhuang, second months to achieve sales of over one million yuan, creating a direct expansion of Beijing enterprises model;
In 2002, XXX adopted franchising method, standardized operation system to promote, the first implementation of decoration brand in the national franchise chain expansion, which also contributed to the XXX in 2007 to become the China Franchise Association in recognition of the "Chinese services ten outstanding franchise brands" in the decoration on behalf of the brand. XXX rapid expansion, direct camp, franchise stores reached 200, covering more than 100 cities, home improvement industry has become one of the largest enterprises;
• 2003 XXX pioneered in the industry set off a green storm, announced environmental non-compliance, a full refund, causing the industry to follow up, environmental protection decoration industry consensus;
In 2004, XXX initiated the design fees, "the five major life, ten design style" to promote the Jiezhuang industry professional level to improve;
2005 - XXX re integration of the wood, launched the "complete Home Furnishing" concept, established in the country's 14 Museum experience;
• 2006 XXX blue diamond project, the four major quality assurance system, leading the quality of home improvement internationalization;
2007 - XXX X Home Furnishing jointly launched the first wave shoot video podcast series decoration, just two months visits exceeded 2 million, caused great repercussions in the industry;
In 2008, XXX launched the blue diamond project 2008, the blue diamond project conducted a comprehensive upgrade, both technology and materials, environmental and management, taking into account the ring, so the industry leading steadily, the new statue.
Enterprise spirit
Employees and enterprises "win-win", enterprises and customers "win-win"". Development goal: through strong market movements, XXX into one of the main domestic famous enterprises home, actively carry out specialization and limited diversification under the premise of the business turnover in 2-4 Neila rose to 5-10 billion yuan, and strive to become the second stock market listed companies in the above-mentioned period.
Domain concept
From the beginning of home improvement, public services, and gradually to the development of related industries, business involves: decoration and living sites, financial and securities business, building materials and real estate etc.. XXX adheres to the path of specialization and limited diversification, non IT industry and IT industry.
Development concept
Starting from the user and market demand, gradually understand, master and use the law of development of the industry, the implementation of the "Jhihben operations (human resources) strategy", "capital operation strategy", "information management strategy" and "innovation + speed" strategy, rapid growth, nonlinear development.
Business strategy: through user evaluation, in order to improve the user oriented to establish a corporate brand; through external expansion, standard of national chain, franchise operation mode, greatly expand and consolidate the Jiezhuang market share; through open and multiple forms of cooperation, establish and enrich the company's human resources team; through specialization, systematic training, improve staff quality; through the introduction of investment, venture capital, early into the financial securities market.
Work climate
Generous, professional, innovative and efficient.
Employee oath
I do: network marketing concept of solidarity and cooperation, friendly and efficient industry excellence, endless, never climbed the peak. The body of powerful software technology, rich experience and comprehensive network planning, and improve the operation mode,